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BBC: Arsenal Close To Loaning Nuri Sahin

The swag is blinding
The swag is blinding

Arsenal have been strongly linked with a loan move for Nuri Sahin all summer, but reports linking the player have multiplied in number since it became apparent that Alex Song was leaving for Barcelona. Today, the BBC's David Ornstein reported that an initial loan deal for Sahin was close, with the possibility of the deal becoming permanent at the end of the season.

Arsene Wenger confirmed interest in the midfielder in his press conference on Friday, and it now looks like he'll get the 23 year old. He also said later that he would look to sign a defensive player if Song left, and Sahin is a defensive player, though much more in the mould of Mikel Arteta than Alex Song. He's got an excellent range of passing, can create and score goals, and is intelligent in his positioning in the midfield. He is not, though, the most physical player, and for that reason, I wouldn't be surprised if Arsenal try to sign a more physical player.

Like Santi Cazorla, Sahin gives Arsene Wenger lots of different options; he could play higher up the pitch (though probably not as a number 10), and allow Cazorla to play out wide, or could play in a very technically proficient double pivot with Mikel Arteta. Either way, he's an excellent player who can make this team better, so hopefully, Arsenal announce his arrival shortly.

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