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Site update: new writer!

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Many of you may have noticed the slight uptick in posting frequency over the past couple of months here at The Short Fuse. We have been working on growing without spreading everything too thin, and for the most part, I think it has been working out. However, as the community continues to grow, circumstances are starting to stretch everyone on the masthead a little thin, so we're bringing in reinforcements before one of us develops a strange muscle injury unknown to modern medical science.

As part of our ongoing effort to grow as a blog and community and to continue to provide everyone with quality reporting, analysis, and opinion, we've added longtime community member and Friend of the Blog Travis King (a.k.a. Twin Cities Hawk) to the masthead. Travis should be familiar to almost everyone who's been here for any length of time, and he brings tremendous insight and love for Arsenal, as well as a keen sense of economics (a subject that makes my eyes glaze over) to the blog.

I'd like to personally welcome Travis to the team, and on behalf of everyone behind the scenes at The Short Fuse, welcome!