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Fusillade 14: Season Preview

Arsene Wenger, recording his surprise guest appearance on Fusillade
Arsene Wenger, recording his surprise guest appearance on Fusillade

Fusillade is back after a summer's rest and it's better than ever. Okay, maybe not, but it's here, so quit complaining. And if it's bad, it's not entirely our fault for once, as circumstances outside our control have had massive effects on the first podcast of the 2012-2013 season.

You want a preview of the preview? Okay, you asked for it.

First of all, we decided to build the entire podcast around your questions. We answered basically every one (though some edits were made in post-production, due to reasons), which is way better than we've done in the past. Remember, if you have questions, send them to We may do FanShots weekly like the one we did for this week, as we got very good, interesting questions that we were happy to answer.

Other than that, we recorded the day before the club announced the Robin van Persie transfer, so there's a bunch of stuff that we discussed that was mostly irrelevant (and subsequently cut out). So if you asked about him, your question may not have made Fusillade. I'm sorry.

Other than that, we talked about Nuri Sahin, defensive transfers, pants, and coaching moves - as well as our general thoughts about the season to come. So hopefully you'll like it as much as we liked recording it.

Hosts: Thomas Wachtel, Paul DeBruler, Aidan Gibson, Ted Harwood
Producers: Thomas Wachtel, Aidan Gibson
Editor: Aidan Gibson

Fusillade 14: Season Preview (hopefully iTunes will have it soon, but for the moment this is it) Update! It's now available on iTunes.

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