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Kyle Bartley sold to Swansea

Kyle Bartley IS Harry Redknapp
Kyle Bartley IS Harry Redknapp

According to Sky Sports reports (and confirmed by the player himself), young defender Kyle Bartley has had a medical at Swansea and will join the team on a permanent basis. More details are likely to come in the near future (as the club eventually announces the deal), but for now it appears that Arsenal have allowed a young player being squeezed out by experience to seek his fortune in the Premier League, but with a new team.

According to Jamie Sanderson, the deal was for £1million, which isn't a bad price all things considered. There are rumblings that there's a sell-on clause in the deal as well, but those remain unconfirmed. If so, that would be good business for a player who hasn't really played much.

Bartley has spent most of the past few years on loan, and hasn't really gotten a chance to prove himself at Arsenal. He hasn't been given a chance to prove he deserves one, either, as he's been haunted by injury issues - but he was mostly well-liked at Rangers (where he spent last year on loan) even if he wasn't quite good enough to break through the Vermaelen-Koscielny-Mertesacker-Djourou line.

He has, however, left with class, with his dignity intact.

This is how a player should leave a club. Good luck to Kyle Bartley at Swansea, aside from when he plays against Arsenal.

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