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Fiorentina place transfer bid on Marouane Chamakh

this is the most Chamakh picture I could find
this is the most Chamakh picture I could find

An actual top flight football team in a real league has made an offer to Arsenal for constantly-wet-looking-striker Marouane Chamakh, as confirmed by Arsene Wenger. This is a thing that has actually happened, in real life.

Chamakh, as we all know, was really not very good last year (and for the second half of the year before, for the most part). Even with Robin van Persie seemingly on the way out, Arsenal have been very interested in off-loading him, hopefully with an eye on replacing him with someone better. However, the club hadn't seen a lot of interest to this point. Evidently that's changed.

There's no word yet on what the fee proposed by Fiorentina was, but I would have to assume that if it's not insanely low (basically, anything above a fiver and a can of Pepsi) it would be accepted. Wenger has to know that if the prospect of getting an actual return for Chamakh is raised as a possibility and then falls through, I'll fall into a coma of some kind. And Arsene always makes decisions based on my personal welfare. Always.

Chamakh's departure would be a good sign that the apparent over-arching transfer plan of dropping underachieving players and replacing them with new blood is going ahead full steam, with or without van Persie's approval. In all honestly, Chamakh was never going to be as hard to move as, say, Sebastien Squillaci, who still hasn't been sold to Bastia. But it's a good start, so we shouldn't have complaints if it does end up happening. Unless the fee is a fiver and a can of Pepsi.