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Wenger: We're not done bringing in players


Arsene Wenger is usually pretty quiet about transfers, unless he wants to make a sarcastic comment about how journalists seem only to want to ask him about transfers. On the other hand, TRANSFERS.

Anyway, during a press conference ahead of Arsenal's friendly with Manchester City in China, he actually said something substantive about Arsenal's transfer plans for the rest of the summer, which is to say that he admitted there are transfer plans for the rest of the summer.

We are not at the end of it. We will still bring players in.

So that's pretty definitive, right?

The manager also said that he didn't want to talk a lot about transfers, because "it is a very fragile subject and a very secret subject." So he didn't deal in specifics, or really say a whole lot more on the subject other than that "we will still bring players in."

When you add Wenger's statements in with this tweet from the well-connected and always reliable @DarrenArsenal1, you start to see the picture a little more clearly.

So here's what's going on, if I had to make an educated guess. Arsenal are, in fact, close to a deal with Malaga over Santi Cazorla. In order for that to happen, Malaga have to avoid meeting their debt payment in any way other than the fee that Arsenal would pay for Cazorla (that is, via an injection of capital from the club's owner, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani), thus requiring them to acquiesce to the player's apparent wishes and sell him. Also a possibility is this:

It's also possible that the sale of Robin van Persie is necessary to fund one or more moves, and that once the deal is done Arsenal will move quickly to make further additions. One way or the other, it appears that Arsene Wenger is working hard behind the scenes to make acquisitions to strengthen the team, even if they may not be defensive midfielders. Hopefully things will start happening in the near future, to allow any new players time to settle in before actual games start happening.