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Thierry Henry: I'd like to coach

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don't mess with The King
don't mess with The King

Thierry Henry is once again pining for a return to London and Arsenal, though in slightly different circumstances from his last voyage home. In an interview published in the Telegraph, the Arsenal legend realizes my dreams, saying that upon his retirement as a player, he would be interested in coming back to North London as a coach.

Henry is currently in year 3 of a three-year deal with MLS side New York Red Bulls, and has said that after running the deal out, he will decide whether he wishes to continue playing competitively. In other words, it's not outside the realm of possibility that Thierry Henry could make a second-annual January return to the Emirates, only this time in a suit rather than kit.

The Arsenal legend hasn't yet talked to Arsene Wenger about the possibility of beginning his coaching career, but says that he'd only willing to coach at Arsenal, as it's the only club he wants to work for. Additionally he rules out making another playing return - though he also says he didn't plan on playing last year, and that certainly happened. I remember it.

This would be one of my favorite things, if it should come to pass. I personally love club legends returning as coaches and scouts, and they don't get much bigger than Thierry Henry. When he played last winter, he was said to have had a massive impact on the other players, particularly the younger ones, acting almost as a player-coach. The rest of the squad spoke highly of him, and if he's interested in doing that in a full-time capacity I think it's a spectacular idea.

And who knows, if we have an injury crisis like last year's, maybe having him nearby would come in handy. He can still score a goal or two.