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We're Gonna Dance With Koscielny For A While


Despite recent summer transfers persuading you to think otherwise, Arsenal can still sign very good players to long-term contracts, as they have today, with Laurent Koscielny agreeing to a new long-term contract. It's a deserved extension for Koscielny, who has flourished since moving from Ligue 1 side Lorient in 2010. He stood out last season, being one of the few defenders who impressed even as Arsenal conceded a record amount of goals during Arsene Wenger's reign, and with Koscielny's contract expiring in 2014, Arsenal seemed keen to get a deal done and avoid a potential transfer saga like last year with Samir Nasri and this year with Robin van Persie.

The deal is reportedly a 5-year contract, which means that Koscielny should be at the club for a long time. With that in mind, one hopes that Thomas Vermaelen can put his injury and leaving-large-gaps at the back problems behind him and form a more solid partnership with Koscielny. If he doesn't, though, Koscielny has shown that he can play well with any of Arsenal's defenders, an ability that is underrated given our traditional injury problems.

Either way, Arsenal have signed the player who has played the most games in the past two seasons, and one who has been consistently excellent to a long term contract. This, undoubtedly, is a good thing.