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Arsenal forward on verge of move to Spain

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Arsenal's Mexican international forward Carlos Vela is in San Sebastian today to work out a permanent move to La Liga side Real Sociedad, according to Arsenal's official website. Vela played for the Txuri-urdin last year on loan, scoring 12 goals in 35 matches, and apparently the side liked having players who kick the ball so that it goes in the net, and they'd like to have Vela stick around to keep kicking the ball so that it...yeah.

According to the Daily Mirror [yes, yes, it's the Mirror], the fee for Vela is somewhere around €3.7 million, plus a 60% sell-on fee:

Real Sociedad had Vela, 23, on loan last season and want to pay Arsenal just £3m but give them 60 per cent sell-on rights in the future.

If this number is true, it represents pretty fair value for a 23-year old player who scored a handful of great goals in the League Cup but played mainly as a late-minute sub in most Premier League games, scoring only 3 goals in 29 league matches for the Gunners. The transfer fee is nice, but more importantly, freeing up some wages to offer to other players [perhaps English ones who play a similar position to Vela, or French ones who aren't yet at the club but might like to be here to help play holding midfielder?]. Jamie Sanderson is reporting that Vela wants to move badly enough that he's waiving any fees owed to him:

If the deal goes through, all the best to Mr. Vela in Spain. Chip Victor Valdes for us.