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Arsenal win Markus Liebherr Memorial Cup in Southampton

"I require a corndog and some gatorade, sirs"
"I require a corndog and some gatorade, sirs"

Southampton 0 - 1 Anderlecht
Arsenal 1 - 0 Anderlecht
Southampton 1 - 1 Arsenal (SFC win 5-4 on penalties)

The math is a little weird, but Arsenal have won the Markus Liebherr Memorial Cup with a win over Anderlecht and a loss on penalties to Southampton in 45-minute matches today in Southampton.

Anderlecht won the opener against the hosts before Arsenal took their first match against Anderlecht after Henri Lansbury flipped home a Carl Jenkinson cross. It was then time for the hosts to welcome the Gunners, and the Saints pulled ahead thanks to a Jay Rodriguez header. They were unable to preserve their lead, though, as Gervinho leaped over a challenge and controlled at the byline, cutting back inside and firing home from ten yards to draw the Gunners level.

Even though Arsenal ended up losing on penalties after Kyle Ebecilio fired his wide, all teams ended on three points, with Arsenal scoring two goals to Anderlecht and Southampton's one apiece, and thus took the trophy (or at least we're pretty sure that's how it worked; it's the only reasonable explanation.

EDIT: After a little extra checking by Ted [ed. it was Aidan], it looks like Arsenal got three points for the win against Anderlecht and one for the loss on penalties to Southampton. Anderlecht got three for beating Soton and none for losing to Arsenal, while Southampton got none for losing to Anderlecht and two for beating Arsenal on PKs. So: the final points were

Arsenal: 4
Anderlecht: 3
Southampton: 2

It's all a little confusing, but Arsenal ended up with the awesome bear trophy and they didn't, so all's well that ends well. -Thomas

Silverware; put it in the case, Mr. Wenger.