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Euro 2012: Russia V. Czech Republic

Pensive.  Wistful.  Bruised.  Meerkat.
Pensive. Wistful. Bruised. Meerkat.

Russia v. Czech Republic
UEFA Euro 2012 Group A
Friday, June 8, 3 PM ET/Noon PT
Municipal Stadium, Wroclaw, Poland
TV: ESPN Online: WatchESPN

Hey I got the teams right this time!

A lazier writer would make a lot of dusty old Cold War references when writing about this game. I'm not just lazy, I'm superlazy - I don't know much about either team except that this game features Meerkat for Russia and Tomas Rosicky for the Czech Republic and....yep, that's about it. Hey, cut me some slack. it's Friday, I'm tired, my wife got a new job last night and we were out late celebrating. And we have the previews for both Russia and the Czech Republic that TSF commenter and cricketing hero (if you believe the Googles) Adnan Ilyas did, so go read them because they're pretty dang good.

Anyway, rules: be nice, no illegal streams (it's all on ESPN, people!), easy on the pics and keep 'em small, you know the drill.