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Euro 2012 Semifinal Open Thread: Germany v. Italy

His penalty kick in USA 94 just landed in my yard
His penalty kick in USA 94 just landed in my yard

Euro 2012 Semifinal 2
Germany v. Italy
Wednesday, June 28, 245 PM EDT
TV: ESPN, ESPN Deportes | Intarweb viewing:

The thing about a major tournament's later knockout rounds is that they're rarely all that compelling as games; when you get to a semifinal, nobody wants to lose, so nobody is going to take that all-out attacking risk, even if they are an attacking team by nature. Nobody wants to give up a goal on the break. We learned that again yesterday in the Spain v. Portugal game, which should have been an attacking festival but instead was a festival of eyeball-gougingly dull soccer, and I have the sneaking suspicion today's semi will be the same. Germany is probably the only team capable of beating Spain at this point, but this game has 0-0 and penalties written all over it.

Prove me wrong, Germany and Italy. Please.