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Euro 2012 Semifinal Open Thread: Portugal v. Spain

Don't cry, Paulo.  It'll  be OK.
Don't cry, Paulo. It'll be OK.

Euro 2012 Semifinal 1
Portugal v. Spain
Wednesday, June 27, 245 PM EDT
TV: ESPN, ESPN Deportes | Intarweb viewing:

Today's first semifinal could be called The Battle Of Where PDB Will Retire if Hawaii Doesn't Work Out. Spain is a fantastically beautiful country and while I've never been to Portugal, I've always wanted to; I have friends who have been that have said it's an amazing place. It could also be called the Iberian Throwdown, if you wanted to be ridiculous about it; I tried to come up with an alliteration for Peninsular (The Peninsular...something?) but came up blank so if you have anything let me know in the comments.

Anyway, yeah, Spain v. Portugal today, and it should be as tasty as delicious Iberian jamon; I'm the worst soccer fan ever, because it's pretty much only now that I'll pay attention to this tournament. This should be a really fun game, and since I have no real opinion about or stake in who I want to win, I'm just hoping for a ridiculous all-passing, all-attacking funfest of soccer. GO GO GO!

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