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The 2012 European Championship: The Final Four

We're bummed you're not still involved too, Meerkat.
We're bummed you're not still involved too, Meerkat.

So here we are, down to the last four teams in the tournament. One semifinal features The Battle Of Iberia (or at least it would if the PR people went way overboard with the imaginary hype) with Spain taking on Portugal, while Italy face Germany in the other semi.

I haven't really been paying all that much attention to the tournament, so I figured on this off day I'd ask those of you that have been watching a bunch of questions - has this tournament lived up to your expectations so far? Has it been interesting? Where would you rank it in terms of BEST TOURNAMENT YOU'VE EVER SEEN - is it a classic tournament, or just an average one? From a player perspective, who has surprised or impressed you so far? What about from a team perspective? Any notable disappointments (either player or team)?

Lastly, who do you want to win?