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My favorite Arsenal highlight: "Would you believe it?!"

"Now Bould...and it's Tony Adams, put through by Steve Bould; WOULD YOU BELIEVE ITTT? THAT...SUMS IT ALL UP.


It was 1998, and Arsenal hadn't won a title in seven years (which is actually not a long stretch, but at the time...). They were facing Everton, up three goals already, needing the win to seal the league that year (and eventual cup double), and things were basically in the bag when Steve Bould, one lumbering center half, picked up the ball from David Platt and played an Andrea Pirlo pass over the top to Arsenal's other lumbering center half and captain:

That's a center half, chesting the ball down and ripping it home on the half-volley in an effort that most strikers would be justifiably proud of.

In the end, Tony Adams put in 672 appearances for Arsenal over 22 years and was captain for most of them, and the improbability and skill of this goal make it a highlight worth celebrating. Martin Tyler's commentary is also legendary, and rightfully so.

There were many possible choices for our favorite highlight, obviously: what is yours?