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The Short Fuse Open Q&A

No matter what the question, this guy's probably the answer
No matter what the question, this guy's probably the answer

If you listen to the Fusillade podcast during the season, you'll remember that a few times during the podcast we asked you to send us questions that we would answer in a future podcast. While that is technically still true - we haven't answered any questions yet, leaving all answers for future podcasts - I don't think that's exactly what we meant to have happen.

So here we are, on an off day for the European Championships, and we thought we'd throw that offer out to anybody that reads TSF - lurkers, regulars, whoever. Do you have a not-related-to-this-summer's-transfers-related question (we try to talk about those in their own posts as much as possible so I'd like to have this be more general Arsenal-related or general Arsenal-and-league related) about Arsenal, or even about TSF, that you'd like us to take a crack at answering? I've been doing a ton of research for my Decades of Dominance series, and in addition to that we have probably 40 years' worth of Arsenal watching experience between the four of us, so fire away. And if you have questions about the blog, ask 'em here as well.

I can't guarantee that we'll know all the answers, but I can guarantee you a couple things: We will try our best to answer them, and we will also probably refer to some random baseball player or team at least once while we do.