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Arsenal Transfer Rumors: Olivier Giroud "wants to play in England", Montpellier would like makeweight

Man in green for Bremen not part of deal
Man in green for Bremen not part of deal

Update here

According to Jamie Sanderson at The Metro, there are more fun quotes coming out of Montpellier on French Radio Station RMC about Montpellier striker Olivier Giroud. Apparently the 25-goal man wants out of France:

It's a move that has seen interest cool, but not from Arsenal, who are set to win the race for Giroud, with only a fee left to be agreed, according to his club coach Girard.

'Arsenal are very interested and Giroud wants to play in England. If Arsene Wenger agrees with the president, he will sign for them,' Girard told French radio station RMC.

Two things of note, here: 1) "Giroud wants to play in England" does not equal "Giroud only wants to play for Arsenal", and we know that Chelsea are also sniffing around with a George Costanza wallet (except theirs won't shut because of money, not old receipts for hot dogs). 2) Arsene Wenger has to agree with Montpellier, which is fine, except that a big part of it is about price and the fate of Marouane Chamakh:

Montpellier have previously expressed an interest in buying Chamakh, but Girard has now admitted that a season-long loan move as part of a deal for Giroud is a real possibility:

'We would like Chamakh on loan, as part of the Giroud deal, but I don't know if it is possible.

So, Giroud has a £12.8 million release, but it sounds like Arsenal are shooting lower than that with Chamakh making up the difference. We're still a long long ways off from anything concrete going down here, folks, so everyone stay underneath your desks for now. Assuming that's where you were. Because, you know, silly season.