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Arsenal To Play Halves Against Rangers, Southampton

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Missing Arsenal? Don't worry! Arsenal will be playing in just a month and a half, on Saturday, July 14, following their invitation to the second annual Markus Liebherr Memorial Cup. There are three teams in the tournament; Rangers, Arsenal and newly-promoted Southampton, with each side playing 45-minute matches against each other. Arsenal will play at 6:45 PM and 8:00 PM BST (1:45 PM and 3 PM EDT) against Rangers and Southampton respectively.

Given that the tournament is just two weeks after the end of Euro 2012, some players who will have gone far in that competition will likely not feature for Arsenal this time around. More likely is a mix of promising reserves and players who didn't have international tournaments, like, for example, Ignasi Miquel and Chuks Aneke coupled with more experienced players like Aaron Ramsey and Henri Lansbury.

But no matter who plays, it'll be Arsenal football. And that'll be a good thing.