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Arsenal unveil 2012-13 home kit

Arsenal have revealed their new home kit for the 2012-13 season in a video which can be watched at the official site. It is the one that most people suspected might be coming after photos leaked a couple of months ago of a display, and now it's here. The video itself is pretty fun to watch (Theo's free kick towards the end is pretty gnarly...also, why is Jack running around?); it's always enjoyable to see the guys doing their thing and having a good time. Too often our experience of athletes is an emotionally charged one as we watch them strain in an almost un-human way, so it's always good to see them goofing off and generally acting like you or I would (if we had the skills of a professional athlete).

The kit itself is perhaps a throwback to the 1992-94 home kit, the last Adidas made, and the last to feature navy blue quite so prominently in a home kit. This would continue the recent tradition of the kits being 20-year recall, which seems to be the way these things are done.

You know me: I think every kit should be red with white sleeves and red cuffs, no trim, collar, and no exceptions, but nobody cares what I think. What do YOU think of the new kit?