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Potential Arsenal target Yann M'Vila injured in France friendly

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Yann M'Vila, the Stade Rennais defensive midfielder whom Arsenal supposedly had wrapped up a transfer with earlier this month only for it to not actually be true, except sort-of-kind-of-Arsenal-are-probably-still-way-into-it-maybe, limped off in France's friendly against Serbia earlier today with an ankle injury. Initial reports did not sound good: the player was in tears at the prospect of missing Euro 2012, where he is expected to be a breakout star.

There have been no ankle scans yet, so everything must be taken as provisional at this point. Nonetheless, two tweets have come through from highly reputable sources following France coach Laurent Blanc's post-match press conference:

This, of course, does not mean he won't be ready for a team in August or September. Jamie Sanderson added to this, although it must be noted that M'Vila was NOT stretchered off the field:

"Won't affect transfer" here, presumably, means that M'Vila could still move, that the injury won't force Rennes to wait until the January window to offer him to clubs as injury-free. It does NOT mean the following: 1) any potential fee will not go up due to participation in the Euros, which is still possible, 2) Arsenal will get him, 3) any transfer will have to wait until late in the summer.