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Eden Hazard chooses Chelsea, earth whelmed

chose this one b/c of Zanetti
chose this one b/c of Zanetti

Eden Hazard has claimed that he's moving to Chelsea on his own twitter account this evening:

It had been widely reported that the Lille attacking troll midfielder had chosen one of the two Manchester clubs earlier, which we covered here, but in the end, the offer (which Graham says is somewhere in the non-Arsenal range of 30 million pounds / 100k per week) was simply too good from Roman Abramovich. That kind of sum, if true, is just never going to be on the cards for Arsenal until the current sponsorship deals go away and are replaced by something much larger.

Chelsea are gathering themselves and regrouping at a somewhat alarming rate, though, if this deal goes through. Arsene Wenger will have to make do with finding players basically as good as the top-shelf guys for half the price until then, which is fine by me.