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Wednesday Games That Matter Open Thread

It's a hoary old clichè, Bolton, but win it for this guy.
It's a hoary old clichè, Bolton, but win it for this guy.

Yesterday was the amuse-bouche for today's games, which actually have some import and impact on the rest of the season and on Arsenal. First up we have Chelsea v. Newcastle, on Fox Soccer at 11.30PT/2.30ET. Then there's Bolton, who is taking on a local club side in what must be some sort of charity match or something. This one is on Fox Soccer Plus.

A quick look at the table shows me that at a minimum, I want both of these games to be draws. I would love it if Bolton would take advantage of the visit of Fabrice Muamba to the Reebok and beat up on their opponent, and it would also lift Bolton out of the relegation places which is nice I guess, but I would settle for a draw there.

Anyway, after the resounding success of yesterday's open thread, here's one for today's games. Y'all should know the rules by now, but here's a reminder - use a subject line, do not talk about illegal streams, keep your pictures under 300 pixels high, and be excellent to each other.