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Arsenal transfer news: cross Eden Hazard off your lists, everyone

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So Lille wunderkind Eden Hazard, long a name floating around the Arsenal blogosphere (and every other decent Premier League team's sphere), won't be popping up on the Thames any time soon:

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If we're all being honest with ourselves, the arrival of Lukas Podolski is already a step in resolving whatever gaps Arsene Wenger feels the team had in terms of attack, and while Hazard is a tremendous player that would add a ton to any club he joined, the large-ness of the mojo around his coming to England was such that Arsenal were always most likely going to be priced out of the game long before the "big three" spenders (Manchester United, Manchester City, and Chelsea, in case you were wondering, although the latter obviously are out, now, too).

Arsenal have more pressing (no pun intended...or was there) needs now, anyhow.