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Anticlimactic Tuesday games open thread

You are an adult in a responsible job.  Put on a suit.
You are an adult in a responsible job. Put on a suit.

Let's face it. Stoke/Everton and Liverpool/Fulham aren't title deciders, and aren't even particularly interesting as the season sputters to a close - correct me if I'm wrong, but there seems to be nothing at all at stake in either of these games - but they're games, and people like games, and people like talking about games, so here. Talk about games! Also, Roy Hodgson is now the manager of England - not the country, but the team. Good move? Bad move? Do you care? I don't!

Also also, Fabrice Muamba is going to the Bolton/Spurs game tomorrow, which is completely awesome.

Also also also, Podolski!

Stoke/Everton is on FSC, and Liverpool/Fulham is on ESPN2 and WatchESPN, which used to be called ESPN3. I don't like websites whose very name commands me to do something. If I want to watch ESPN, I will. Don't tell me what to do, website name!