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Premier League open thread for Monday, April 9

There are five Premier League fixtures today, three of which are already underway:

Newcastle v Bolton, 10am, FOX Soccer/FOX Deportes

Everton v Sunderland, 10am,

Tottenham v Norwich, 10am,

Aston Villa v Stoke, 12:30pm, FOX Soccer/FOX Deportes

Fulham v Chelsea, 3pm, ESPN2/ Deportes

So there are some big matches underway, Norwich-Spurs obviously the big one for Arsenal's concerns, as Spurs are two points back at the moment.

[Sorry this is a bit late, everyone--bus problems, you know.] The top three matches are already underway. Feel free to comment on all the action below, or whatever else you want to talk about. Just remember: 1) use a subject line, 2) pictures max height 300, 3) be kind/don't troll/no ad hominem silly stuff. Please.

Hope all of your Mondays are as sunny and lovely as mine is so far here in Chicago. Tulips! Bunny rabbits! Puppies! Pastels! Spring! Grass! Football! Baseball! Oh, and, one more thing, don't you know: