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Fusillade 12: UGH

See, it's funny because we played QPR, and so the name is UGH, like U-G-H. Get it? GET IT?!

Want a moderately detailed synopsis of what we talked about? Want some interesting news about the present and future of this podcast (spoiler: it's good news, and I already talked about it on Twitter)? Okay, you can have it.

So mostly we talked about the Queens Park Rangers debacle, but there was also a bit in the way of a preview of the Manchester City game forthcoming. Ted and I (the other two were elsewhere and indisposed) expanded a bit on what Aidan wrote on Aaron Ramsey and what we all consider to be his improper use, and the effect that it (not he) had on the game. Additionally we talked about the malaise that was evident in the team, and the separation between teams in a league like this one.

I also spoke ill of Samir Nasri briefly.

The big news is this: after reaching double-digit episodes and getting to be not entirely awful at podcasting, we've finally gotten the thing up on iTunes. So you all now can subscribe to Fusillade on iTunes if that's your thing. It would also help a lot if you could rate and review it on there - not only because I have a massive complex that makes me want everyone to like me, but more because more ratings/reviews/subscribers moves the podcast up on the search queue, and the higher it is the more people will see it. It'd be pretty cool if we made the top 6 under "Arsenal" (meaning you don't have to click "show all" to see us), so...yeah.

Fusillade 12: UGH