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Halfway Home; or, How'd I Do?


A couple weeks ago, I fired up the ol' predictatron to try to figure out how Arsenal's last six matches would go. We're half way there now, with only Stoke, Norwich, and West Brom to go. I figured since it was half time (yeah, it's a stretch, but mathematically speaking three is in fact half of six), I'd check back with myself and see how I did. How'd I do?

Surprisingly not awful, really! I'm two for three so far, with the Wigan reverse the only blemish against my otherwise rock-solid predictions. Why are my predictions rock-solid? Because I don't predict scores or match quality, just results. Give 'em the bare minimum, kids!

We all know what's at stake here, so I won't rehash or revisit my predictions; all I will say is that based on this success rate I am awesome and am about to fly to Vegas, walk into the first casino I see, and put every single dime of my money on red. I can't miss!*

*I can apparently miss 33% of the time