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Arsenal news/links: April 2

Yann M'Vila, on a mission.
Yann M'Vila, on a mission.

This past weekend was just awful. Obviously the Arsenal loss to QPR was at the front of my mind (as were revenge plots involving the superbly annoying QPR fan at the pub I go to), but basically everything in sport that could possibly go wrong for me, went wrong. Borussia Dortmund drew against Stuttgart (after leading late). Portland Timbers lost to Real Salt Lake (after leading late). Napoli got torn apart by Juventus (after not leading late, or at any point in the game in any way). I don't like Kentucky OR Kansas.

I'm starting to think that I got cursed at some point, but I'm not sure what I did. Whatever it was, it must have been something awful.

So evidently Yann M'Vila also wants to play at Arsenal. Sort of, at least - he didn't quite come out and say it explicitly, or even as almost-explicitly as Jan Vertonghen did.

Inter, Arsenal, Real. I will take the fun everywhere! These are great clubs. The important thing for me is getting playing time for the France national team.

Playing time, eh? That isn't something that would be easy to come by at Real Madrid (I can only assume he wasn't referring to Real Sociedad), and considering the stuff that's going around Inter, I honestly don't think I'd want to go there. The kicker, though, is this:

If the coach calls you and tells you he wants you to make you play, especially a French coach, it changes everything.


The one problem is that Stade Rennais values M'Vila as around £20 million, and as we all know, that's more than Arsene Wenger has ever spent on a player. On the other hand, we spent around £15 million on Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain last summer, and M'Vila is a full French international rather than an 18-year-old kid. So I guess we'll see what happens. I haven't seen much of M'Vila (which I plan to rectify soon), but here's an eight-minute YouTube video of him playing against England. You're welcome.

Want to talk about QPR? No? Too bad. Arseblog did a bit, in regards to mental lapses and the like. We used to do those a bit, then we stopped, then we did them at Loftus Road. I vote for not doing them, results were better that way and I think there may have been a correlation.

Robin van Persie says the team is taking nothing for granted, and are ready to fight to the finish. He's also itching to get at Manchester City, which leads me to believe he wants to score. Which I'm totally behind. Wenger says we need to win all of the games, which I'm also totally behind.

Apropos of nothing: Alan Pardew believes curried goat before the match helped Papiss Cisse score twice against Liverpool, so yeah.

Also Gareth Bale "would obviously have to seriously consider" a move to Real Madrid or Barcelona if they came calling. As would I, Gareth. As would I.