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Champions League open thread for Wednesday, April 16

Didier Drogba: A New Sound in Jazz
Didier Drogba: A New Sound in Jazz

There is one Champions League match today, and it's a lulu. Plus, it will have some effect on Arsenal's upcoming fixture, because it involves Chelsea, who welcome some team called FC Barcelona (???--anyone heard of these guys? No? Me neither--wait, are they that team from Cyprus that everyone made a big stink about a few weeks back? Yeah? Cool. What? Huh? Oh. OH. FC BARCELONA. Oh ohohohohohohhhh. My bad. Okay.)

Anyway: the game starts at 2:45 PM EDT / 1:45 CDT / 7:45 PM British Tiddlytime. It shall be televised by the venerable gentlemen of the FX network. Yep: FX. Not Fox Soccer Channel. Adjust your television sets accordingly.

So: feel free to comment on all of the action below. Remember: no links to illegal streams, picture height maximum of 300, always use a subject line, and most importantly: always be kind.

Enjoy the matches wherever you are. I will be in a meeting / at work, so boo on that.