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Fusillade 13: The Arteta of War

this is an old picture but the spirit of it is relevant
this is an old picture but the spirit of it is relevant

This week's Fusillade is about two weeks' worth of Fusillade, and somehow we managed to cram it all into the normal amount of time. You're really getting high value for your entertainment dollar this time. We recap two games (and six points!) and preview another game. Seriously, if you don't download this podcast you're cheating yourself.

EDIT: it looks like the iTunes link is not working currently (this is at about 10:30am Eastern), so just go to the link in the post below. I don't know what's going on, and I can't fix it from work. Sorry. Fixed it. I win again.

Here's the rundown:

  • Manchester City: we take the opportunity presented by his game-winning goal and man of the match performance to talk about Officially Designated Panic Buy Mikel Arteta, and how awesome he is. We also talk about the effect that Yossi Benayoun has on big games, and how he was another Officially Designated Panic Buy.
  • Wolves: I try to make the point that "playing with the handbrake on" is something that teams need to do from time to time in order to be able to compete over a long season, particularly when fixtures come fast and steady. There is debate over whether Arsenal are capable of doing it. Also, Robin van Persie is awesome.
  • Wigan: we are respectful of their recent performances, but confident in our own.

REMEMBER: we have an email address that you can send questions to. Thoughts about what we should do against Chelsea? Send them in, we'll answer almost anything. It's HIT US UP.

Also, don't forget that we're on iTunes, so you can subscribe there and get the new Fusillade as soon as I can be bothered to post it. And if you have it in your heart to rate and review it, that would be great too. We're above the LeGrove podcast, so that's something.

Fusillade 13: The Arteta of War