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Report: Tomas Rosicky close to new Arsenal deal

Two goals + one season = MAD SKRILLA
Two goals + one season = MAD SKRILLA

According to reports from his home country, Tomas Rosicky is close to signing a new deal with Arsenal, with terms having been agreed and only his signature needed. Earlier reports spoke of a two-year deal, but the details are being kept quiet by ISM, the agency that represents Rosicky.

Rosicky was rumored for a move away from Arsenal in the winter, but his recent revival (as well as his contract's looming end at the season's conclusion) appears to have prompted the club to move now.

Considering the fact that I can't read Czech, it's hard to precisely divine the accuracy of the article, but since it has direct quotes from Rosicky's agent it seems good enough to go with. Here's a quote from Pavel Paska, agent:

Setkali jsme se s Arsénem Wengerem, podmínky nového kontraktu Tomáše Rosického jsou dojednané, ale ještě je nebudeme prozrazovat.

Oops, one second here, let me fire up the Universal Translator.

We met with Arsene Wenger, the new contract terms are negotiated, but it still will not give away.

Okay, that's better. Sort of. The first and second clauses there are pretty obvious, but "it still will not give away" could mean a few things. Does he mean the deal isn't 100% finalized, and until there's a signature anything can change? Maybe. Does it mean he refuses to reveal the exact details of the deal? That's more likely, since he later says "Nebudeme teď žádné detaily specifikovat," or, "We will not specify any details now." I'm going to assume that it means that his contract is very frugal and refuses to donate to charity, no matter how much Rosicky cajoles it.

If this ends up happening next week, as the article claims, I like the move very much (if the wages are reasonable, of course. Otherwise BLEH). Rosicky will turn 32 as next season opens, but this year - and in particular the past month or so - he has shown a lot of the traits that made him an attractive buy for Arsene Wenger in 2006. He's shown pace, passing ability and vision, and perhaps most importantly a dogged determination to get the ball from opponents. He's been a big part of the reason why Arsenal's pressing defense has been effective of late, and he isn't showing too many signs of age. His long injuries may actually help there - despite the fact that obviously he was hurt, while not playing he avoided certain wear and tear he might have suffered if he hadn't been hurt. Of course, if he hadn't been hurt he might be way better at football right now, but what's done is done.

The manager and the captain sing his praises, and he seems to be growing back into an important role on the team. At the very least this prevents his loss on a free transfer, so I say "go for it." Or "jdi do toho," as my translator tells me the saying goes in Czech.