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Fusillade 11: Thieran Walgibbs

he scores when he wants
he scores when he wants

Good morning. I have bad news. We've done another podcast. I know, we're sorry too.

Honestly though, I promise you that the title is the worst part. Wouldn't you know it: "Theo Walcott" and "Kieran Gibbs" don't really portmanteau very well. The important thing is that I tried, and also that I just used the word "portmanteau" as a verb. That's called "writing."

What we actually talked about:

  • The Aston Villa match. Mostly about how we were generally happy with it, because we kind of destroyed them. In particular we discussed the flanking play of Walcott on the right and Gibbs on the left, and how their effectiveness was the main reason for the aforementioned destruction. We also talked about Gervinho's effectiveness at tracking back, and other stuff.
  • The Everton match. It's been a little while, but we won this one too, so why not re-live it? Or for most of us live it, because we have jobs and can't watch a lot of mid-week matches.
  • Queens Park Rangers preview. Joey Barton is an ass. Discuss.
So yeah, that's pretty much it. I don't think I mentioned this last week (maybe I did?) but we've moved the podcast to a new host, which is the first step of getting it on iTunes. We're paying for it now and stuff, which is how you know it's good. Hit us at if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or good casserole recipes.

Fusillade 11: Thieran Walgibbs

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