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Everton 0 - 1 Arsenal: quick reaction

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[Editor's note: since none of us could actually see the game except for Aidan today, a full match report may not make it up. In lieu of that, Aidan emailed some quick thoughts from the T in Boston. Here they be:]

From Aidan: Apologies for the shortness but I'm currently typing this on an iPod on the Green Line in Boston. Arsenal beat Everton 1-0 after Vermaelen's header from van Persie's corner. Here's some quick thoughts:

1. Arsenal were brilliant in the first 20 minutes. They pressed well, passed well and created chances. Aaron Ramsey on the left was energetic if wayward in his finishing.

2. Everton, though, came into the match by pressure of their own. They had a goal wrongly disallowed, but aside from that, didn't challenge Szczesny that much.

3. Arsenal stopped pressing as well, and dropped deeper. They did catch Everton offside a lot, but had problems dealing with Everton's left.

4. Arsenal, through Rosicky and Aaron Ramsey. Van Persie had a good chance created by the dangerous run of Kieran Gibbs.

5. More progress for Arsenal, but they'll be concerned with the spotty periods of play. 3rd place, though, is ours.