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Fusillade 10: Verminated

The Fall and Rise of Ziggy Walcott
The Fall and Rise of Ziggy Walcott

We've done another podcast, guys! It has words and a bit of music and I laughed really loud at one point. Also I briefly mentioned Aleksandr Hleb, which I try to do as often as the opportunity presents itself. Which is depressingly rare, because I really like saying "Hleb."

Anyway, you should really click through and listen to it. I promise you, it will make your wildest dreams come true, as long as your wildest dreams are about us talking for 45 minutes. If so, seek help.

We talked extensively about the Newcastle game past, and how much fun that goal at the end was. Additional topics included the moderate rise of Theo Walcott (and possible causes thereof), the development of the partnership between Thomas Vermaelen and Laurent Koscielny, and whether process or results are more important. We did not talk about Tim Krul or Jonas Gutierrez, because they are boring.

We also previewed tomorrow's face-off with the mighty Toffees of Everton, in particular talking about the matchup that we think will decide the match. SPOILER: It has nothing to do with Robin van Persie.

So come hither and listen a spell, and we'll tell you exactly what to expect. We're fortune-tellers that way.

Fusillade 10: Verminated (link if you want to download it)

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