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A picture of Arsenal's change kit for 2012/13

Okay, we had a picture of Arsenal's home kit for next year a while back, and we all had a big debate about commercialism in football and the importance of history and stuff like that, and it was all quite interesting and fun and such. So how about we do it all again?

Yeah, Andrew Allen has obtained and tweeted a picture of the Arsenal away kit for next year, and it is certainly a thing. What kind of thing it is, I guess we will all decide together. The photo and a poll (!) after the jump.

Here's Allen's tweet of the shirt. It's pretty much the 2007-2008 3rd kit, only without a collar. The funny thing is that Arsenal Brazil had this quite a while ago but it didn't spread quite like this one looks like it has; next year I'm just going to assume they're right, as they've had the kit about six months early the past two years. I don't know how, they may just have magic.

Anyway, I'm not sure I like it. I was okay with the home, but this just sort of looks like a rugby shirt. And honestly, since the practical purpose of the change kit is to...change, for when you're playing a team with the same colors, I fail to see how this meets that need. When we play at (for example) Old Trafford and Anfield next year, this kit will be unusable. Our change kit has much more historical variance than the home, so that's not an issue for me - but it would be nice if it actually looked okay.

*Fun fact: did you know that Tottenham Hotspur have worn both a red-and-white kit AND a yellow-with-blue-trim kit? It's true.

This isn't really something to get all worked up over, probably, but here's a poll anyway.