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Arsenal vs. Liverpool: Five questions with Bromantic of Anfield Asylum, SBNation's Liverpool blog

So long ago.
So long ago.

Ahead of tomorrow's Premier League clash against Liverpool, Adam Kirchner (Bromantic) of SBN's Liverpool blog Anfield Asylum graciously answered a few questions about the Reds for us. Here's what he had to say:

How did the winning of a trophy this weekend change the Liverpool fans' view of the team? All we as Trophyless Arsenal fans ever hear these days is WE NEED A TROPHY; does having one actually matter, as far as perception goes, or is Liverpool the same Liverpool they were last week?

I think winning a trophy has increased the fans' confidence that Liverpool can go on a push for fourth. It definitely returns the feel-good factor to Anfield, but you can only ride that for so long, especially when it is the Carling Cup and you got taken to penalties by a Championship side. That said, all teams want trophies, that's why the game is played, so any silver is good in my book. This team's inability to finish is ridiculously worrisome. Sam Fels, the Manager of Anfield Asylum, summed it up in a tweet after Gerrard's cousin missed that penalty, "Only Liverpool can win a trophy and we all feel worse."

Are you at all disappointed with Luis Suarez' goalscoring record so far for the club? He's scored 6 goals in 20 this season and 4 in 13 last season. Do you think there's a reason for the somewhat low return so far, and does it worry you in any way?

This is extraordinarily worrisome. He does create a lot of chances and according to @OptaJoe has the most touches inside opposing penalty areas. That is why he gets a bit more of a pass than Andy Carroll. However, Liverpool have the lowest conversion rate in the EPL if I am not mistaken and our inability to finish in front of net was in full display during the final; Dirk Kuyt's goal was Liverpool's 42nd attempt at goal. There is no amount of Viagra that can cure that kind of impotence. Right now I think he is still a little off from his suspension, but if we had a poacher who could feed off his scraps, Liverpool would be sitting much higher in the table right now.

Are you concerned that Steven Gerrard's hamstring tightness from the England friendly yesterday will keep him out of action, and if he cannot play, who do you think will comprise Liverpool's midfield?

Same old story again; cue Bill Murray in Groundhog Day. Stevie goes for a friendly, Stevie pulls up lame, Stevie isn't seen again for the rest of the season. I am concerned because he isn't getting any younger and getting back into form is only going to take longer and longer if he is out for any length of time. If he doesn't play, I think you'll see Spearing as the holding mid with Adam in a more attacking role. I think Henderson's recent performances may have pushed him far down the pecking order. Spearing has proven to be decent cover for Lucas.

Similarly, do the injuries to Glen Johnson and Daniel Agger give you pause when thinking about your defensive setup on Saturday?

It is definitely a worry as our defensive unit has been rock solid all season. Carragher is a fantastic servant, but is definitely in his twilight years. I know I, and a number of other Anfield Asylum members, would prefer to see Martin Kelly slot into the central defender role if Johnson is fit. If not, it will probably be Kelly wide right and Carra in the middle.

Do you have a score prediction?

Tough one since you guys will be riding high on thrashing your rivals. It depends if RVP is playing. If he plays, I say a 2-2 draw and I'll go out on a limb and say he gets both your goals. If not, 2-1 to us.

Thanks again to Adam. Now go read Thomas' match preview!