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FA Cup Sixth Round/Premier League open thread


Feel free to comment on all of the action--we've got a couple of FA Cup sixth round matches between Everton and Sunderland as well as Tottenham and Bolton, and then we have two Premier League clashes between Wigan, West Brom, Fulham, and everyone's second-favorite team, Swansea. It will be awesome!

Here are today's matches, with televisual coverage:

Everton v Sunderland, 8:45am, FOX Soccer/FOX Deportes

Wigan v West Brom, 11am, FOX Soccer/FOX Deportes

Fulham v Swansea, 11am, Deportes

Tottenham v Bolton, 1:30pm, FOX Soccer/FOX Deportes

We promise not to have the thread meander too much into discussions of fantasy literature! We promise!*

* But remember: promises were made to be broken! Or is that records? Or is that Promise Ring records? It's definitely Promise Ring records. Definitely. Did I ever tell you my views on emo? No? Well! That's very interesting that you should ask me that, because in fact, I would say that...what? Oh.