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Lukas Podolski may, or may not, have had a medical in Köln

Say ahhh, please.
Say ahhh, please.

Lukas Podolski--you may have heard about this--is apparently set to transfer from FC Köln to Arsenal this summer. Part of transfer deals, of course, is having a medical, and according to whole bunches of people, one has now officially happened:

Podolski update: today, Bild confirmed that #AFC medical took place in Cologne on Tuesday
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The Bild piece, indeed, does say this:

The next step in the [transfer] of Cologne striker Lukas Podolski (26) [to Arsenal] [has been made] . Wednesday was the Poldi medical check-up. But not in London - but in Cologne!

- with help from Google Translate

Apparently, since Poldi didn't have time to visit London, Arsenal's medical team sent people to Cologne to do it.

There's a weird catch, though--Podolski's agent has said that no such thing has happened:

his agent, Kon Schramm, denied a medical took place, however
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So. Erm. Well!

Transfer rumors. Bloody hell, eh? Anyone else tired of this a little bit, now?


The point here is that we are no closer to knowing anything about what's actually going on, really. Lukas Podolski may or may not be an Arsenal player next year, and he may or may not have seen some English doctors in Germany today. Carry on.