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Madness news/links: Reserves win, Krul doesn't whine, Richards wobbles

Serge Gnabry, taking a break from football to practice the dance from "Thriller"
Serge Gnabry, taking a break from football to practice the dance from "Thriller"

I'm still unhappy that Napoli lost yesterday. It haunts me. Mostly because once the game went to extra time, I was really hoping it would subsequently go to penalties, because I wanted to see whether John Terry would take one and fall over again. Stupid Chelsea.

The real stuff (so far as it goes) starts NOW, down there.

As we all (?) experienced together yesterday afternoon, the Arsenal reserves beat West Brom (who are actually good) 3-0, with goals from Park Chu-Young, Serge Gnabry, and Chuks Aneke. Jeorge Bird has done a very nice write-up of it here. The short version: Andre Santos is back, Marouane Chamakh still can't shoot, and Gnabry and Aneke are awesome and young.

Tim Krul says that there's no grudge held between himself and Robin van Persie, though there's no word yet on whether Jonas Gutierrez has gotten over it yet. Personally I'm hoping this saga goes on a bit longer, because Joey Barton hasn't had anything to say on the matter yet (as far as I know, anyway) and I'm really interested in his take on the whole thing.

Today's Arseblog is worth reading if for nothing other than a pretty funny analysis of the Arsenal Twitter Takeover yesterday morning and a photoshopped picture of the whole team with Mikel Arteta's hair. Also there's a really good Space Hitler joke.

Additionally 7amkickoff has a two-part (one and two) look at the story of this Arsenal season so far; part one is anecdotal, and part two is statistical.

Apropos of nothing: Sir Dave Richards (chairman of the Premier League) accused FIFA of stealing football from England. Then he apologized. Then he fell in a pool. This has been a bad week for Sir Dave Richards, but a great one for people who like it when the famous say idiotic things, apologize vaguely, then do a pratfall on camera.