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Merseyside derby/Champions League open thread

Kenny Dalglish, 1989.
Kenny Dalglish, 1989.

Let's do this again, shall we? Other people are playing and we're not, so let's hang out and talk about them and enjoy some football without the crushing existential dread that tends to accompany most Arsenal fixtures. I know that can't just be a thing that happens to me.

The three games of major import that are going on presently are as follows, and I quote:

Premier League:
Liverpool vs. Everton (THE MERSEYSIDE DERBY)

Champions League:
Bayern Munich vs. FC Basel
Inter Milan vs. Olympique Marseille

Our next game is against Everton, so I'll be "watching" that one with particular interest. If Everton win they'll go atop Liverpool in the table, so that puts a little more even than usual on the line - especially as Liverpool are in freefall right now, and in very real danger of dropping not only out of contention for a Champions League spot, but for European play of any kind. We know as well as anyone how fast fortunes can turn, though.

I'm still in mourning, so you get no Champions League analysis.

So anyway, comment if you want. All typical rules apply. And no pictures of Luis Suarez, because I don't want to have to see his face. Please. Nor Andy Carroll. Really any Liverpool player, I guess. Have fun!