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A quick bit on transfer rumors and The Short Fuse

<em>Je ne suis pas un "wheeler-dealer," mon ami.</em>
Je ne suis pas un "wheeler-dealer," mon ami.

Firstly, a little background: this site has grown tremendously over the past few months, and I would like to thank everyone on behalf of the editorial staff here for how much you all contribute on a daily basis in the comments and fanposts and fanshots. I think that this is really becoming a great community and place to discuss the Arsenal (and other things, it turns out), and I hope that you all feel similarly. The site is becoming a first-choice destination for a wide-ranging set of readers with many interests including the latest Arsenal news.

This leads me to the main point, here: many of you will have noticed a slight uptick in the amount of posts dealing with transfer rumors and Arsenal lately. This is a small shift away from my own personal feelings about transfer rumors and the blog's much stricter old policy about these things. However, as the community continues to grow, it is clear that there is interest out there in what's going on with possible Arsenal targets (as evidenced in the fanshots section in particular) amongst much of the community, and at this point we are doing everyone a disservice by deliberately ignoring the transfer discourse that is out there. Community members here may have an interest in our take on what's being said "out there", and while we certainly have no intention of becoming a rumor-mongering enabler, we are interested in legitimate, well-sourced information that's available about the Arsenal from REPUTABLE SOURCES [for more on what this looks like, revisit Aidan's post on how to sniff a source from a few weeks back].

As regards the transfer discourse that's out there, it is high time that sites like SBNation's, sites that have intelligent, thoughtful editorial staff who can all write their behinds off, wrest control of the discourse from places that have no interest in actually analyzing or discussing or providing context for the endless rumor out there. We are not interested in just putting up a short post that says "according to Dave Halfwit ITK on twitter, Arsenal are interested in Pele" and leaving it at that. We will not write about every single transfer rumor that we see, as a vast majority of them are unsourced speculation with no foundation or context. When we do write about a transfer rumor, we will strive to provide that context, some analysis, and a thoughtful discussion of the likelihood of a move, whether the player in question makes sense for Arsenal, where the news could possibly have originated and why, and what it all means.

Arsenal have thousands of stories written about hundreds of possible transfer targets every summer and January, and as we know, roughly 2% of those players end up in the red and white. We are not going to write about every single rumor that comes across the ether, but we are not doing our jobs as editors of this community if we continue to disregard stories of interest for our members. This site will remain a fun and informative place to visit, and it will continue to grow in a meaningful way*.

*At least until Thomas sprains his ankle and we have to bring in Park Chu Young to write link roundups.