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Lunchtime links and news: Leap Day William

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So it's lunchtime, why not hit you with some stuff to read about Arsenal? That's way better than reading expense reports or the newspaper, right? RIGHT!? Most of these are going to be from today, but since it's been a while since our last linkage bonanza, there will be a few things mixed in from earlier this week/end. Anyway, let's get to the good stuff, before you all decide your sandwiches are more interesting than I am.

Let's start off this post the same way I start off my day, by taking a half-hour-long shower and using up all the hot water going to Arseblog. He is slightly more dismissive of the Lukas Podolski pseudo-news than I, mostly for a pretty good reason - he's not coming this year, so if something's going to happen we can wait to talk about it until it happens. I don't entirely agree, as I think Bild doesn't suck, but it's a fair opinion. He also talks some Interlull action, and shares a great quote from Robin van Persie about his decision to wait until summer to discuss his contract.

Speaking of summer, 7amkickoff had a great post on the likely housecleaning coming at Arsenal in the next window. I'm not sure I agree with all of his conclusions fully - I highly doubt there's a significant chance of Park leaving after "a year" - but it's still an interesting thing to think about. It's likely that the team next year will look very different from how it looks now.

It's been a little while since I've read A Cultured Left Foot, but today's post on Arshavin and second chances reminded me why it's one of my usual bookmarks. It's certainly interesting, even though part of it is about Emmanuel Adebayor. Additionally Gunnerblog's short post on the captain, Podolski and the perhaps-soon-to-return Andre Santos led me to a Henry Winter column on RvP's importance to Arsenal that didn't lead me to scream "ONE-MAN TEAM" and defenestrate, so that's a positive thing.

Finally, Arsenal Column's review of the Spurs game (remember that one?) echoes sentiments Aidan has voiced on a number of occasions - Yossi Benayoun is pretty good at the football thing. In fact, they lay much of the credit for the 5-2 win at his feet, as the tactical adjustment his play created was key to the team's rousing performance (and Theo Walcott's).

Don't forget to check out our recent posts too: Aidan on tactics against Tottenham Hotspur, a joyous Fusillade, the Bild report on Podolski agreeing with Arsenal, and the club announcement of a Beijing trip in our future. And to celebrate Leap Day, here's Jack Donaghy traveling through time. I hope Leap Day William brought you all candy for your tears!