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Pre-Derby Chat: Episode 2, Emmanuel Adebayor and more with Cartilage Free Captain

I like podcasts, yes.
I like podcasts, yes.

Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur contest the second North London Derby of the season on Sunday, but both clubs may not be at full strength. After talking about concerns in Arsenal's defense yesterday, today Kevin McCauley of Cartilage Free Captain and I discuss Emmanuel Adebayor, and how his absence may affect Spurs' attack.

Adebayor is doubtful at best for the Derby, but Rafael van der Vaart says he's ready to go. Personally, I'd rather face the Ducthman with any combination of strikers not named Adebayor, whose physicality seems most dangerous for the type of defenders we have at the club. Anyhow, Kevin and I discuss different combinations and how Adebayor has looked this season. Tomorrow, we'll talk about something else really cool, so don't worry your pretty head over it.

For more on Tottenham, visit Cartilage Free Captain, and nowhere else, folks.

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