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Pre-Derby Chat: Episode 1, Arsenal's defensive injuries, with Cartilage Free Captain

Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur clash this Sunday in the season's second North London Derby, and both teams are having some issues. Kevin McCauley over at Cartilage Free Captain, who's also World Soccer Editor at SBNation, has Skype. I have Skype. We decided to put together some 10-15 minute audio snippets covering different topics ahead of the match this weekend for your listening pleasure.

First up is a discussion of Laurent Koscielny's injury, how likely it is that he play this weekend, and who is likely to join up with him in the back four. We also talk about the possible impact of defensive injuries for how the midfield might shape up and what different tactical problems this might raise for Arsene Wenger.

Tomorrow, we'll talk about Spurs and their own injury issues in attack, so it'll probably be less painful for you all to think about. I miss Per.

The audio file is below.

Left click to open in browser; right click to download. Enjoy.