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Fusillade, Episode 7: Everything Was Awful And It All Hurt


That wasn't Arsenal's best week, was it? I think on terms of performance, and the expectations that we had, it was certainly worse than the first 3 weeks of the season. In fact, I haven't seen Arsenal seem less likely to score in maybe 4years, when they went 4 games in a row at home without scoring.

We talk about Arsenal's failures this week, starting with the terrible performance away at Milan, on a pitch that is slightly better than my backyard. We then go on to talk about Sunderland in the FA Cup, on a pitch that definitely is worse than my backyard, which has tree roots in the middle (conveniently marking the "penalty" box). There's also some general discussion about Arsenal, another Oliver Perez reference (sorry), and some very pessimistic predictions for this weekend's North London Derby. The only positive prediction was my fanciful dream, which involved Arsenal actually winning!

As always, send in your questions, comments and other talking points to We got a couple of questions this week, but both are more to do with the second leg of the Champions League, which we will answer in a couple weeks time.

With regards to iTunes, we are currently looking at a more permanent host that isn't very expensive (we're thinking podbean) before giving iTunes an RSS feed. Once we do that, we should get approval from iTunes. For the time being, you can download Episode 7, or listen to it right from this very page.

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