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Arsenal 12/13 kit leaks; Earth somehow doesn't plunge into sun

He doesn't look all that upset.
He doesn't look all that upset.

So according to literally everyone on the Twitter box, the new Arsenal home kit for next year has leaked (the original photo, which has spread like swine flu, came from Sharat Krishnan from what appears to be a Nike store or something like that). It's featured with the Barcelona and Manchester United home kits as well, and honestly to me, while it's not perfect (in that it doesn't look EXACTLY like ALL THE OTHER ARSENAL SHIRTS EVAR) I certainly prefer it to the other two that it accompanies.

It's a typical red shirt with white sleeves, but the sleeves have sort of a double hoop thing going on, the top one being red and the bottom one either black or (more likely) a navy blue. The collar is a crew-neck band in the same color as the black/navy armband. The shorts are plain white with the usual Arsenal crest (the wreaths from this season's crest are gone), and the socks are that same black/navy color as the sleeve band.

I know I'm probably the only one, but I don't hate it. I'm okay with variances on a theme, as long as the red-shirt-white-sleeve motif is preserved. I kind of like the introduction of the darker color, and the new socks; however, I know that most of you are kit purists who basically want the same thing every year. Either way I don't think the statues outside are going to reanimate and storm the pitch because of a couple of stripes (though I guess if they did, that would be pretty cool).

Just be glad we don't have any gradients.