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Fusillade VI: Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt

ay yo DEUCES man, I'm out
ay yo DEUCES man, I'm out

Okay, so maybe the first half wasn't all that beautiful, and I'm sure Per Mertesacker's ankle hurts quite a bit, but if I get a chance to quote Kurt Vonnegut, I'll do it even if it's not all that relevant. You know what to do.

So this week the main focus is Sunderland, since we played against them this weekend and will again this coming weekend. It's an odd quirk of scheduling that could get even odd-er if Arsenal draw, as the replay would be three days later. We'll talk about all that, though.

Also discussed was the upcoming Champions League visit to AC Milan at the San Siro. We talk a bit about how we think Arsene Wenger should attack the three competitions we're still involved in, and predict the outcome of the match. Ted has a premonition, which certainly outstrips the idle speculation you usually find on Fusillade. It's a welcome change.

Since Saturday was (almost certainly this time) Thierry Henry's final Premier League match for Arsenal, we also attempted to give him an appropriate send-off, or something resembling that. And somewhere in there I gloat about predicting Henry's three goals a few weeks ago. Well I said "two or three." Same thing, right?

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Episode 6: Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt