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I Wish I Had A Clever Title For This: Arsenal News Roundup for Feb 13

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Hey look everyone! The Champions League is back this week! Arsenal play Milan in the away leg of this Round of 16 tie, and while I can't admit to being all that knowledgeable about Milan, because I don't pay attention to Italian soccer, Amy Lawrence at The Guardian seems to think that this might just be the best possible time to be facing them.

Here's Arsene Wenger, being modest on the official site.

Lukas Podolski has said he wants to leave Cologne this summer. London is lovely! North London is the best part of London!

Hey look, it's happening again. Let the sports world's most annoying dance begin!

Per Mertesacker tweeted a pic of his banged-up ankle. I have a whole photo gallery of this type of picture of my own ankles over the years - I was expecting Mertesacker's to be a lot worse, to be honest.

Emmanuel Frimpong is done for the year after shredding his knee at Wolves.

So long again, Thierry.

And finally, another, less negative look at Andrei Arshavin's Arsenal career so far.

Have a splendiferous day.