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Wenger to examine the Cazorla incident

Arsene Wenger is on the case about yesterday's first penalty.

Clive Mason

So, by now, everyone's pretty well aware that Santi Cazorla won Arsenal's first penalty yesterday after diving despite zero contact from West Bromwich Albion defender Steven Reid's attempted tackle. Well, manager Arsene Wenger has vowed to speak to Cazorla about it after he gets a chance to take a look at the evidence:

"I am sorry if it was not a penalty, but I have spoken to Santi and he said he was touched, lost his balance. Has he made a bit more of it? I don't know," Wenger said. "When he [a player] is touched, he goes down, the referee can give or not give the penalty."

Asked if he would speak to Cazorla if he felt there had not been contact, he added: "Of course. I will look at it, don't worry."

-- Source: ESPN Soccernet

Television replays showed that there was no contact at all from Reid and suggested that from referee Mike Jones' angle, it would have been hard to see that fact. Whether Cazorla felt that contact was going to come and lost his balance as a result is infinitely debatable. Hopefully, though, Wenger will have a word with Cazorla, who, of course, has set up goals in previous games this year after playing on despite being hacked down on his way into the penalty area.