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Jack Wilshere, Man Of The Match

We celebrate three points and recognize Jack Wilshere as the man of the match.

No, Jack. Thank YOU.
No, Jack. Thank YOU.
Mike Hewitt

The easy, lazy cynic in me says "Hey let's make Cazorla MOTM because drawing a penalty kickstarted the game for Arsenal", but even I can't reward that kind of blatant diving and I'm slightly embarrassed by the whole thing. So instead, TSF will give the MOTM award to the very deserving Jack Wilshere.

Yes. he missed a decent chance in the first half. But did you see his passing? I hate overly florid prose, but in this case it's sort of warranted - Wilshere orchestrated the midfield today. His passes were laser-sharp and really insightful; the fact that the receivers of those passes didn't do more with them is hardly Wilshere's fault, but had they done better this could easily have been a 5-0 or a 6-0 result. Wilshere was that effective.

He was tireless, he was efficient, he worked his ass off, and he's the Man Of The Match for this weekend. Congratulations, Jack, and congratulations Arsenal on picking up three badly needed points.